Tips for Effective Coloring Action

  1. Start with a clean, dry head of hair. During the initial period of daily application, try to limit your shampoos to once a week. Please bear in mind that for maximum coloring action, your hair should be thoroughly dry before applying GRECIAN FORMULA 16.
  2. Apply the product sparingly to your hair. It is not necessary to saturate the hair. To insure even coloring action, brush or comb GRECIAN thoroughly through all sections of the hair after each application.
  3. If your gray is concentrated in the hairline or sideburn areas, be careful when washing your face, shaving or using facial preparations. Daily contact with soap and water can dilute the application and diminish its effectiveness. After-shave lotions and facial preparations can set up a coating barrier which will prevent the GRECIAN from reaching the hair.
  4. Avoid the use of hair sprays and conditioners during the initial period of daily application. These products may form a coating barrier. Once you arrive at the proper shade, GRECIAN may be applied once a week, or as necessary to maintain the color. Normal hair grooming habits may be resumed.
  5. If your hair tends to have an excessive amount of natural oil, use a shampoo which is specifically formulated to remove excess oil. This will prevent the hair oil from creating a coating barrier and interfering with the coloring action of GRECIAN.
  6. In washing the hair use only a regular shampoo without additives such as peroxide, dandruff removers, etc that can affect the color attained. It is desirable not to shampoo with a bar of soap as it can leave a residue that is very difficult to rinse off.
  7. As a reddish pigmentation may occur naturally, particularly in dark hair, a person may occasionally develop a reddish tone during the initial period of use. It shows that GRECIAN is working. With continued applications, the color should deepen to a natural looking shade.

    Following the above suggestions, most individuals find they reach their desired shade of natural looking color in from ten days to three weeks of daily application. For some individuals it may take a little longer depending upon the color desired and the natural characteristics of their hair.